Cases of missing children in Malaysia truly shocking

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

It is truly scary and saddening to learn that a total 834 children have gone missing in Malaysia since the year 2014.

According to the police, 572 were girls and the remaining 262 were boys.

The highest number of missing children was recorded in Johor with 142 cases, followed by Selangor (140); Kuala Lumpur (115); and Sabah (100).

For most of us, we have always been under the impression that cases of missing children only occurred in foreign countries and that there was no such incident here.

However, the sad reality is that the Malaysia is no longer as safe as it was before.

Today, apparently, children have become the main target for human trafficking syndicates around the world.

The most disturbing part is that many parents remain ignorant to this and very often, especially in shopping malls, we see numerous unaccompanied children.

We tend to take it for granted that our children are safe and that no one would ever take them away.

Well, the truth is that sweet, old lady next to you may be part of a syndicate who pays her good money to grab children.

These syndicates are especially active in malls and crowded areas where parents are often too busy with their shopping to notice their kids.

Also, things like child collars etc are not popular here and many do not use them.

It is time everyone opens their eyes to this shocking reality that our children are being stalked every second and we should never take our eyes off them.

Trust nobody and remain vigilant always.