Rat crawls up teenager's leg, then bites her on the thigh

Image from NST

By John Isaac

A teen went through a shocking experience recently when a rat went up her jeans and bit her leg.

According to reports, 19-year-old Umirah Mohamad went to a shopping centre in Taman Yayasan in Johor about 4.30pm.

It had been raining and she folded her jeans to avoid them getting wet in the puddles.

As she was walking to the shopping centre from her car, she said she felt something crawling up her right leg.

At first, she thought it was a lizard, but soon felt a sharp pain on her leg.

She said she ran back to the car and took off her pants only to see a rat biting her thigh.

She screamed and asked her mother for help to remove the rodent which refused to let go.

Left with no choice, her mother had to kill the rat. It finally let go of Umirah's thigh.

The girl was taken to the Segamat Hospital for treatment and for tetanus shots.