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RM11.4 juta biasiswa untuk pelajar Palestin

Kerajaan akan menawarkan biasiswa kepada pelajar Palestin bagi melanjutkan pengajian ke universiti terkemuka di Malaysia. Biasiswa berkenaan ditawarkan kepada pelajar terpilih melalui Pertubuhan Kebudayaan Palestin Malaysia.

Father and son arrested over monkey shooting

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigations Department director Datuk Huzir Mohamed said the man would be investigated under Section 39 of the Firearms Act 1960 for illegal discharge of firearm and Section 428 of the Penal Code for killing the monkey.

Are youths into alternative med?

The trend of T&CM in the youth population has to be taken into serious consideration and helping them by providing such information is important and may help them to understand the benefits and dangers of its consumption.